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The  SȯLiS Experience:

SȯLiS is the Hȯlistic Development Solution for EV charging infrastructure:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing - Thoughtful Architectural  Design - Kitted for efficient build out offsite. 

  • Revenue Generating Facilities - Sustainable - For Profit Business - Agnostic (Anyone Can Charge)

  • Sustainable Technologies - Micro-Grid - (Solar - Battery Storage - Grid tied Solution) 

Research shows that there are seven elements of enriched environments – intrinsic components - that simulate our brains’ biological and chemical operating systems causing us to relax and enjoy the space.

(These elements are the epitome of Great Architecture)

They are known to improve health, as measured though neurological, physiological, psychological and sociological feedback. These elements include:

1. Nature: Places inspired by natural shapes, light & materials
2. Variety: Spaces that offers a range of experiences & a sense of discovery
3. Vitality: Settings that are energetic, restorative, and sustainable
4. Authenticity: Structures that are valued for their realness and transparency
5. Optimism: Environments that radiate a positive energy and future
6. Sense of Occurrence: Spaces where you feel engaged and stimulated, and
7. Legacy: Surroundings that communicate purpose and lasting change.

SȯLiS is committed to embodying this research in its locations worldwide:

All of our kitted structural solutions are fully modular and are built off-site and can be fully installed in a matter of weeks on a prepared site.  Designed to be expanded in a modular form to optimize kitted construction.  Structures are designed to be durable and low maintenance by the integration of innovative and Sustainable materials: 

Stainless Steel Hardware & Renewable/Sustainable technologies by ReNüTeq.

Holistic Drivers Lounge/Hub

Solar EV Charging Canopies

SoLiS Mobility Management:

-Property Development

-Design-Build Development

-Structural Engineering

-On-Site Build Management

-Fully Kitted Supply of Structure

-Design of Integrated: Lighting/Surveillance

-Supply of full Solar and Charger System

-Management of EV Network/Partners

-Management of Site - All SoLiS Brand Aspects

Solar Canopy Solution

-Solar Generation

-Provision of protection from the Elements


-Architecturally Pleasing

-Sustainable Materials

-Renewable Technologies

Optional Amenities at SoLiS Sites:

-EV Charging

-EV (Cars/Bikes) Sharing

-EV Hailing Services



-Shared Space – Work Space - Lounge

-Health Food

-Banking/ATM Services

-WiFi/Cloud Access

Solutions Market Focus:

-University-Office Campuses 

-Medical Districts

-Market Places


-Hotels - Resorts

-Light Commercial

-Multi-Family - Condos - Residential


"The goal of SȯLiS is to create the holistic sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology"


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