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Ultimate Style and Function - Kumpan Electric Scooters at SoLiS Hubs Internationally.

Kumpan Electric Scooters will be available for sharing and charging at SoLiS Mobility Hubs Internationally.

"We are very pleased to be working with Kumpan electric (e-bility GmbH) to integrate its innovative sharing platform and premium scooters at our SoLiS® Mobility Hubs being built in the USA and Europe" Quote: Luke D Schüette

We look forward to closely working with Daniel Tykesson the founder of Kumpan and his team to execute our international partnership.

Yet another way to: ReLaX - CȯnNecT - ReChargE ....... at SoLiS Mobility Hubs.

· 12– 24 Scooters Per SoLiS Hub

· Charged & Ready at SoLiS Hubs Internationally

· Accessible Via Smartphone

· Ultimate Style and Functionality

· Safer than micro-scooters

· Helmets available for Use

· Highest Quality Scooter

· Smooth and Comfortable

Learn more about Kumpan: www.kumpan-electric.com

Learn more about SoLiS: www.solismobility.com


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