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Chargeway Interface @ SoLiS Mobility Hubs!

We are pleased to announce our powerful collaborative to integrate Chargeway Solutions at our SoLiS Mobility Hubs Nationally!!

Chargeway: www.chargeway.net

The SȯLiS Mȯbility Development Solution brings the Hȯlistic approach to Sharing and Charging.

SoLiS Mobility: www.solismobility.com


"Chargeway’s mission is to create a simplified user experience with electric fuel for every EV on the road. Making electric fuel more tangible and approachable is key to helping consumers switch to using electricity as their fuel of choice. To help achieve our mission we are very excited to partner with SoLiS Mobility. The SoLiS hub design creates a familiar fueling experience for all EV drivers that is highly visible and when combined with Chargeway every EV driver can more easily see how electric fuel fits into their life.”

Quote by: Matt Teske Founder / CEO - Chargeway

"The goal of SȯLiS is to create the holistic sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology and Chargeway's innovative user applications and interface complete the experience we are committed to achieve at our SoLiS Hubs" Quote by: Luke Schuette, CEO

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