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The Holistic Fueling Stations of the Future

SȯLiS is: The development solution that brings the Hȯlistic approach of well designed architecture together with innovative technologies.  SȯLiS Mȯbility exemplifies the sustainable business model to major cities across the USA and Internationally:  

SȯLiS Goal: To create a holistic EV sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology. Breaking down the barriers to EV adoption and integrating renewable energy + battery storage at the community scale.

SȯLiS: Designs, Kits, Delivers, and Manages the Site/Operations.

SȯLiS Execution Partners:

  • EV Share Companies

  • EV Ride Hailing Services

  • Coffee & Health Food Providers

  • Shared Space & Shared Work Space Providers

  • Medical and Prompt Care Providers

  • EV Automakers 

  • Charge App and Charger Infrastructure Providers 

  • Real Estate and Development Companies Internationally

SȯLiS is the Hȯlistic Development Solution for EV charging infrastructure:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing - Thoughtful Architectural  Design - Kitted for efficient build out offsite. 

  • Revenue Generating Facilities - Sustainable - For Profit Business - Agnostic (Anyone Can Charge)

  • Sustainable Technologies - Micro-Grid - (Solar - Battery Storage - Grid tied Solution) 


Our reach is indeed international as we have operations that can serve each major market and our team is equally diverse. 

To inquire or submit a site/project for our team to review, please fill out the following connect form at the footer of this page or email us: info@SȯLiSmȯbility.com

"The goal of SȯLiS is to create the holistic sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology"

Quote by Luke D. Schuette, SoLiS's President and Founder. 


Luke D. Schuette

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President and CEO

Chairmen of the Board

Product Development - Research

Luke manages the international development of: SȯLiS Mȯbility - Luke's goal is to create the holistic sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology

Luke is the founder and owner of ReNuTeq and is known globally as the innovator of engineered structural grade bamboo and has designed and implemented EV Charging Infrastructure for some of the most important brands in the world. 

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Gary Camarano

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Business Development

Board Member

International & Domestic


Based out of the Chicago area Gary makes things happen.  His focus is on business development in the USA and internationally. 


Eric Rupert

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Business Development

Board Member

International Business

Eric  executes top level project development, Eric leads our international projects/developments through our sister office based in Shanghai. 

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Matt Johnson

Account Manager

Business Analyst 

As a genius math whiz it is no question that he is all about the numbers.  Connect that with his experiences living as a missionary in Venezuela for 5 years, Matt blends his real world experiences with our professional endeavors. 

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John Podczerwinsky

Business Development


John is a Transportation Planner working to create the safest, most efficient and sustainable ways to integrate new mobility concepts and initiatives into the built and natural environments. 

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Claudio Saleta


International Technologies

Claudio comes from the oil and gas industry. He is a team player as he takes the valuable information, brings it back to his support team, devises a plan, and execute. Claudio has executed fast paced, high demand, and complicated projects and takes joy in building these successful relationships.

Managing Director 

Board Member

International Development

Thomas Cole, former BMW - Financial Services Executive of over 12+ years is leading the operation as our managing director. Thomas has also joined SoLiS as an Executive Board Member of SoLiS International. 

Over the past six years Thomas  has put that perseverance to work in various roles founding, developing and optimizing digital-first mobility service entities. He is well-versed in negotiations, planning and development, customer care, operations, logistics coordination and scheduling.


Thomas Cole

USA Operations:

1201 South Big Bend

St. Louis MO 63117


Europe Operations:

Am Hundsrück 2

63924 Kleinheubach Germany


Asia Operations:

1008, Block A, 18 Taolin Road, 

Shanghai, New Pudong District



"The goal of SȯLiS is to create the holistic sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology"


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